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“Today we celebrate the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. From finding jobs through Twitter to rekindling old friendships on Facebook, social media impacts many of our lives. It empowers people everywhere to have their voices be heard and connect from miles apart — and that’s something worth celebrating.” – Meghan Peters, Mashable

Today the world people are celebrating Social Media Day 2012.Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010, and both the event and social media use have grown tremendously in that time.

Social Media power couple Ricardo McRae and Gloria Roheim  want to celebrate by sharing with you the power of LinkedIn.

Whether it’s to build your business, find a new career, or maintain a powerful online brand, here are some top LinkedIn video resources you need to watch.

Updated May 2014 – Bonus download an Infographic

LInkedin Infographic

How to Create a 100% complete LinkedIn profile (0:49)
Add LinkedIn applications for a profile that rocks (0:47)
Search engine optimization for your LinedIn profile (1:19)

Now, start watching and get in action. LinkedIn will change the way you do business, but you have to follow these tips. Have you found other great resources for LinkedIn or know a killer tip? Post it below and share it with us.

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