Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship?

“How do I know I’m ready to quit my job and become an entrepreneur, full-time?”

This is the most common question that I get, along with “how is working with your husband all day?” 🙂

In today’s episode of Wedge15TV, I share my honest thoughts about becoming an entrepreneur. I tell you the most important steps that I took not only to become a full-time entrepreneur, but to stay course and resist the urge to go back to a full-time job when things got tough.

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Don’t get me wrong. I DO NOT think that everyone should be an entrepreneur. I don’t think it’s for everybody, just like working in a company isn’t for everybody.

However, if you’re passionate about starting your own business, or if you just need some peer encouragement about how to keep going, then this episode is made with love, for you.

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Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again on another episode of Wedge15TV.

PS: I just happened upon Arlene Dickinson’s recent post on how to tell if you’re a true entrepreneur.
Ask yourself these key questions, and if the answer is YES, then what are you waiting for? 🙂

  1. Do you find yourself always questioning the status quo and the way things are done?
  2. Do you think security is defined by being in charge of your own destiny?
  3. Are you doing something that makes you both scared and excited each and every day?
  4. Do you see opportunity where others don’t? Are you always thinking…I thought of that years ago?
  5. Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work – in a good way?
  6. Have you embraced the messiness of your work/life balance?

5 Comments on “Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship?”

  1. Glo – you funny. I love your intro bit – playing with the air in your cheeks. Brilliant.
    Also, the work you guys are doing here is of service and it is worthwhile.
    Giddy up! Stay inspired.

    1. Thanks so much for the love Stephen. We are seriously committed and passionate with the lives and business we have created. And I’m also stocked about adding our bloopers at the beginning too lol. Glad you like. Happy bday by the way 😉

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