The Key to a Healthy Business

Have you felt like a hamster on a wheel lately? Do you often wonder how you can get more work done, more effectively and grow your business? Well, today we have three answers for you, and you may be shocked to hear what they are.

To take care of your enterprise, you need to take care of your enterprise: your well-being.
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In this episode of Wedge15TV we interview Yoga teacher, Holistic Nutritionist and former entertainment industry make up artist, Mona Sharma of This amazing and dynamic woman is not only an astute business woman, but someone that we look to for inspiration and encouragement in the area of health and wellness.

We too often underestimate the impact of putting our well being, after our businesses. This episode will demystify your notion of work-life balance and provide you with three tips on how to have a healthy business. Workaholics are not effective, in the long run.

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So do tell us, what are the things that you do to keep your body enterprise in optimal form? How do you ensure you’re taking care of your SELF and your business, at the same time? Please let us know in the comments field below.

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