Do What You Love and Get Paid

We are excited to share that as co-founders of Wedge15, we (Gloria Roheim McRae and Ricardo McRae) were invited onto Huffington Post LIVE to share our expertise again, last week.

The topic of this lively discussion? None other than “The ‘Do What You Love’ Sham”. Only in our case, we don’t think it’s a shame at all. We’re living, succeeding examples that it is possible to do what you love and get paid for it.

College commencement speakers routinely urge new graduates to “follow your passion” and “do what you love.” Is this practical advice in a tough labor market, and is it foolish in any job market to believe we’re entitled to be paid for our passions?

Tune in to a heated 20-minute discussion about the pro’s and cons of following your passions after graduation. Find out what an Economist, a Sociology Professor, a Career Advisor and Wedge15 had to say about it …

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7 Comments on “Do What You Love and Get Paid”

  1. A very good discussion and something that’s quite timely given the many graduates who will be searching for jobs or following their passions to ultimately be paid. Kudos to you all.

    1. Thanks so much Neil. It’s more true then ever before that the post-secondary diplomas and degrees that we are receiving are not sufficient on their own to land us great gigs. It’s about courage, grit and being willing to explore a few options before you commit to any. That’s the millennial generation’s dilemma – and we believe hustle is the key to finding your passions and making them your professions. Entrepreneurship is not the only way, there are still employed options worth people’s while…

  2. After working in perfectly good jobs, including the United Nations like Gloria did, I finally quit when I turned 40 to figure out what I loved to do, and that was to take another 7 years. What a journey that has been!

    I insist that people do work that they love. In my memoir I talked about that extensively. Do work that you love so that you look forward to Mondays. Forget about the money. If money were not an option, what would you do, then go do that. You can do it on the side, you can do it full-time, but do it.

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