Get Paid to Be YOU

I gotta tell you, there are a lot of ways to make money these days. We’ve seen it all: network marketing, cleaning businesses, circus performers, employees and bosses.

But what if you were simply YOU, and got paid for being you?

That’s what this week’s episode of Wedge15TV is all about

In fact, I’m so passionate about this topic that I wrote a whole chapter about it in my book BYOB The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss, coming out this fall.

There are three tips that I provide to make my point.
And you’ll have to watch the episode to understand exactly what I mean:

1. Be consistent + Be Congruent

2. Be inspired by others, don’t copy others

3. Be the Change you wanna see in the world

When have you gotten paid, to be yourself?

It’s important for all of us that we see more then just my example of this, so let us know in the comments field below.
As always, thank you for watching and sharing, and we look forward to sharing more in our next episode.


7 Comments on “Get Paid to Be YOU”

  1. Being paid to be “me” is the coolest experience ever. No one can copy my genetic code. There’s just too much data.

    1. I hear you Vwodek. There sure is! I wish more people would realize this so we could all be acknowledged and compensated more often for it. I feel blessed to be among those who are, and when people don’t want to, we’re not the right fit 😉

  2. You’re talking to me!

    I’m currently interviewing brand agencies as I am on the verge of paying $$$$ to have my website redesigned for me (give up control!), redo my logo, redo my everything so that my personality can show through and I can step up to the next level to charge bigger bucks for my work as a designer. I just looked over a proposal and contract. I’ve never been so scared in my life! I’m hyperventilating, but I guess feeling scared is good.

  3. Wow Karlene that’s a big deal! Way to go sis. Especially when it comes to what you do, it’s a real challenge to give up creative direction and allow someone else’s unique style and leadership to create for you. Let us know if you’re interested in us sharing one of our packages with you 😀 it might be neat to collaborate. Either way, best of luck! Let us know when it’s all done.

  4. Hi. What kind of camera and lights do you guys use to produce your videos? Curious.. Love the music by the way… what is it? Sorry I know this may not be the right forum. :/

  5. A few months ago I learned about a conference on localism. However, I couldn’t afford to attend. So I contacted the organization to offer to volunteer. I was told to apply for a scholarship to attend. I got it and spend days meeting fabulous people.

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