The Key to Great Design

Lately we’ve been wondering, do you ever find it hard to manage a design project or to get the best work from your web design team?

We’ve seen design wins and loses, and that’s what we cover in this episode of Wedge15TV.


You’ll learn about 3 things that upset creatives like us, and what we recommend instead to get the best out of a design project.

We know we’re not the only ones with stories to share. We would love to learn from YOU.
Tell us about your favourite design project, and what made it work out so well.

Or, tell us about your funny experiences with design projects gone wrong and how to avoid them.

Please leave your comments below the video and share this episode with a friend or colleague in need 🙂
Save them from #DesignDisasters!

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Until next time, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again in another episode of Wedge15TV.

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