Wishing You the Best 2014

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We enjoy the simple things in life, and we wanted to share some of that cheer with you. Some of you may not remember that Wedge15 was born on January 15, 2013 out of the merging of Gloria Roheim Inc. and The Ricardo McRae Agency. After 3 years of working together we the husband and wife duo decided it was time to merge our separate companies and form one, much like in our personal lives through marriage.

Only a year ago, we could have never predicted the amazing first year that we had; from Huffington Post Live appearances, to Amazon.ca best-selling books. We’ve worked with some of the most amazing organizations and entrepreneurs in Canada from Business for the Arts to Jean Paul the Comedian, from the Helping Hands Doula to the Canadian Media Production Association. Everything we’ve delivered from social media strategies to shiny new brands that make an impact, we have had the best time doing.

The most exciting thing of all for us, is that we’ve just begun. And along the way, it’s people like you who care about the work that we do, who share our free videos and social media posts that help us make the impact that we’re after. Without any joking at all, everything we do is about redefining the world that we want to live in. We’re so grateful that you’re along with us for the ride. Thank you.

Now this video is for you. A little fun and cheer to share with all.
Happy new year and to the best year ever for you, in 2014.

Ricardo & Gloria

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6 Comments on “Wishing You the Best 2014”

  1. I love Wedge15. You two just get it! Every piece of communication represents who you are. Congrats on a great year 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your successes in 2013. May you both have continued success in years to come. So happy for you both.

    1. Hey Melody! Thank YOU for the love and continued support. Hope your RMT practice and business are doing well, and wishing you a deep blue devil heart felt kick-ass year in 2014 😉

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