Be Your Own Boss, Even If You Have a Boss.

Have you ever wondered how you could enjoy being your own boss, while you still technically have a boss?

Meet Eugene Bomba, one awesome accountant, turned entrepreneur, turned intrapreneur.
Yeah I know, it’s a lot of preneuring, but it’s a fascinating and timely interview that we just conducted with him, and we want you to benefit from all the gems he had to share.

You can even tweet out some of his wisdom and get this great advice out to your peeps:
Tweet: “If I can’t participate in your pain, I shouldn’t enjoy your success.” @EugeneBomba via @Wedge15 + @GloriaRoheim #BYOBBOOK“If I can’t participate in your pain, I shouldn’t enjoy your success.” @EugeneBomba via @Wedge15 + @GloriaRoheim #BYOBBOOK”

It’s some superfood for thought for you on yet another humpday. And if you want more of these interviews, sign up free at – there’s a lot more juicy ones there waiting for ya.

Until next time, have a fantastic day today, on the magical date of 11/12/13. Let us know what insights you pulled out from this juicy interview, in the comments field below. We love a good discussion on topics like these.


2 Comments on “Be Your Own Boss, Even If You Have a Boss.”

  1. Let’s get this conversation going party people. What do you have to say about Eugene’s approach to being his own boss and creating his ideal position at work? It’s a new year, and I know you’re thinking about what’s next for you 🙂 …

  2. Hello Gloria,
    Thank You Gloria for introducing us to Eugene Bomba.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. It’s not just for those who are seeking to be their own boss, Eugene’s message and confidence, inspires and reboot those of us who are operating a small business.

    I liked also your interviewing style and questions.

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