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One of the most important, and probably underestimated aspects of succeeding in life, love and business is how well you care for yourself. Just think about it: no amount of money, good luck, connections or other external factors can compensate for the simple nourishment of good nutrition, sufficient R & R and the movement of our body.

Take Care of the Boss, First.

The most contentious relationship in my life would have to be between my to do list and my own self-care. It’s a good thing I have company in most of us, whether you have a boss or you are your own boss. There’s just something about getting things done, working toward your dreams, taking care of other people’s needs and desires and taking care of your self that just isn’t an intuitive road. How many times have we said to ourselves, “I’m going to take care of myself first, before I do anything else” and then got promptly distracted by the next request coming our way? I sure know that I am guilty of this, time and time again. But I forgive myself, and I never stop course correcting when I take note. Watch our previous episode of Wedge15TV with Mona Sharma for more tips on how to take care of YOU first.

After countless experiments, breakdowns, juice cleanses, detoxes, exercise programs, and lifestyle changes later, I found my fit. Pun intended! It’s called HIIT: high intensity interval training.

GLOW Cover March 2014

This personal triumph of mine, I am proud to share, was featured in the March 2014 issue of Glow Magazine, along with my wonderful boss lady-friend, and well-known Canadian women’s fitness expert, Eva Redpath. It was in fact in Eva’s Body Conditioning By Dancers (BCBD) class in 2010 that I first discovered the power of HIIT training. As I explain in the article, I had done competitive sports, weight lifting, and frankly a bunch of other unhealthy things trying to optimize physical appearance and overall well-being (the irony is precious). That’s until I discovered the quick, empowering and effective approach of high intensity interval training. I’ve been doing it ever since, now with the help of another fabulous trainer and fit boss friend, Devon Jones.

To read the full article and find out more, CLICK HERE, or grab the latest issue of GLOW Magazine and flip to page 90.

I would love to hear about what your gems are when it comes to juggling it all, and still fitting in a healthy dose of diet and nutrition. Please leave your tips and tricks in the comments field below and share this post with those who need to hear it.

And as Eva always says, “in the meantime, why doncha get out and get fit?!”

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