My Secret to Styling, Like A Boss

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Such an important part of personal branding and professional growth is our individual style. How we talk, how we walk, how we move, how we groove…and what we wear. It all leaves an impression and teaches others how to feel about us. I for one am someone who loves to polish and decorate myself as a means of self-expression, and to use colours, patterns, fabrics and shapes to showcase how I’m feeling on any given day. I’ve always been this way, but I really found my own personal groove when I became my own boss and allowed myself the freedom I so desired.

When I left my last job four years ago, I had a serious personal style transformation to undertake. Until that point, I had been striving to express myself in a way that would hide my age, present me as a professional, or at least mask that I felt the need to compensate for my age. I was always the youngest professional in my office, from my jobs at financial institutions to public policy roles. Also, being 5’2, with shoulder-length, straight brunette hair, a confident talk and proud personality, I was often referred to as cute by my peers which drove me crazy until only recently.


Find out the @wedge15 secret to branding your style #likeaboss, with @gloriaroheim & @stylancers

It mattered to me then and matters more to me now, how I style myself. I live my life on purpose, so that means being more methodical about what I wear than simply following the latest trend. When I went through the transition from a salaried pay-check and a job, to building a business and learning how to pay myself appropriately while reinvesting in my business, cash-flow management became a whole new ball-game; so did how I spent the money I earned and paid myself.

On this episode of StylanceTV, Sundra Sefa interviews me as I break down my European way of funding my closet closet, like a boss. I explain how I transitioned funding my styles from employee to entrepreneur, and why Jia Collection is my favourite versatile and stylish fashion label. Bonus tip: don’t spend your pay check on your closet!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this video, and any awesome style and cost-effective ways you keep your brand looking stylish like a boss. Please leave your comments below, and let me in on your secret.

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