Our Talk with Deepak Chopra

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In this juicy conversation, we explore what meditation is, why it’s important, why you need 21 days of meditation to begin a new habit, and how meditating can improve your love life, your finances and your well-being over all.

Click here to watch the 5 minute highlights.

International media broadcaster HuffPost LIVE and Host Nancy Redd invited Deepak Chopra, me (Gloria Roheim McRae) and Melissa Ramos to discuss meditation, life, love, and “Finding Your Flow.” What better way could there be to welcome the first day of spring than in conversation about consciousness with Deepak Chopra? And if that’s not magical enough for you, we went live to air at 11:11am sharp, a magical set of numbers that put the icing on the cake.

Mediation is a daily practice at our company Wedge15 Inc., and we learn so much from master’s of the art like Deepak, one of the world’s leaders in Alternative Medicine and Meditational Healing. Finding ways to weave spiritual awareness, social impact and profitability into our business practices is among our strongest desires. It’s not always easy, in fact, ensuring that we’re talking at least 1 hour a day to meditate is a feat in an of itself. But we’re committed to it.

On matters of mediation, money and wealth, here is what Deepak had to say:

“Money and power came as a bi-product of my passion for sharing what I was learning about health and wellbeing. They were not something I pursued directly. My mantra was always ‘pursue excellence, ignore success’. If you can do that money and power will follow.”

So find out for yourself, what YOU can personally achieve from the simple daily act of meditation. And when you’re done watching this, please leave your comments below and share with us, what experiences do you have with meditation?

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