How We Plan for Momentum

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Happy 2015 change-makers! We kicked the beginning of the year off with our annual life map planning session. This includes heaping doses of espresso, tea and/or wine with a desk full of paper, pens, spreadsheets and laptops. Inevitably, this also means you would find Ricardo deep in process mapping across our slicky-boarded walls.

Ricardo Mind Mapping

What’s a bit different about our process than what you may be more familiar with, is that we, as a husband and wife business couple, integrate our work and life together. To ensure that we have everything important in our planning mix we rate all of our projects and possible new project ideas by a few different metrics. That includes personal and professional. We lean on each other through it all.

We rate each by money, love, time, well-being, passion, social impact, partnerships … You get the picture.

And once we’ve attributed a score from 1 to 10 to all these areas it’s always delightful to see what our top choices, all things considered, end up being.

It’s simple, it’s holistic, and the best commitments for us always rise to the top.

This is the #‎Wedge15Way to planning for momentum in our year.
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