How to Launch With Impact

How to Launch with Impact

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The days of “build it and they will come” are long gone. Today, there are thousands of launches, campaigns, videos, photos and articles vying for our attention on an hourly basis. It’s no wonder you need a proper launch strategy to build momentum for your project.

Meet Nicole Bernhardt of NSB Consulting. Toronto is lucky to count her among its leaders in equity consulting, human rights work and inclusion training. She’s also a fantastic client of ours whom we had the pleasure of leading from ‘without-branding’ to ‘fully-branded’ in late 2014.

Nicole Bernhardt NSB Consulting Panorama

You can probably relate to Nicole’s situation. After years of doing what she loved and doing it very well, she felt ready to take her career to the next level. In her case, that meant carving out the time while pursuing her PhD studies to translate her consulting practice into a memorable brand. That’s when she reached out to us to explore her options.

Her client roster was impressive, and the quality of her work quite clear. In person, her professionalism and brilliance would be obvious. However, back then, you wouldn’t find much about Nicole or her business online.

Nicole’s desire was to represent herself well and with her best-foot forward. So she was waiting for the right time to build her digital brand. Sounds familiar right? She’s certainly not alone there.

Within 90 days, we came together on Nicole’s brand identity, her branded messaging, the clear packaging of her services and to develop her first website. From her new business cards to her blog, everything was set up for the impactful launch of NSB Consulting. It was time to let the world know that she meant business and that they could find her online to do so.

The most under-estimated part of any momentum strategy is the launch. Whether it’s a digital launch or an in-person gathering, we’ve seen dozens of clients regretful for failing to plan a launch.

Nicole followed our tips, mixed in a few of her own ingredients, and we watched with joy as she revealed her digital brand to the world.

Nicole followed these five steps to launch with impact:

  1. Set the date before feeling ready. Yes that’s right. You’ll rarely ever feel ready. Much like the successful tech products of the day, we’re big believers in launching before your feel ready. Set a launch date, work backwards to it and honour your word to yourself.
  2. Use Eventbrite to keep it official. There is something about submitting an RSVP that keeps things official. With a tool like, you can set up your launch event, invite who you wish by link or email and ensure that you know who will be coming and who won’t. This will make a big difference in helping you plan and budget for food and drinks too.
  3. Prepare a playlist and a presentation. Good vibes and visual queues can move a launch from good enough to great. Decide in advance what mood you’re going for, and think about what images, screenshots or icons you could include in an automated slide presentation. Bonus tip: use a photo slideshow and keep it on loop.
  4. Invite cheerleaders over naysayers. Negative Nancy can stay home. Launch events will often feel highly vulnerable and personal, and times like that what you’ll want is love, encouragement and support. A launch is not the right time for “constructive criticism” or for your naysayers uncle to spoil the fun. Celebrate your success with your cheerleaders. Positive word-of-mouth can help your news spread.
  5. Include food, photography and hashtags. Ain’t no party like one with food and drinks. But it’s also important to capture the moments for the archives. Hire a professional photographer or call in a favour to capture stills or video of the event, and then share the heck out of both on social media. Creating a hashtag and asking your guests to tweet and post about it, can also help your big launch spread like wildfire.

Launches are a huge opportunity for momentum building; remember that as you plan one.

If you choose a virtual launch, that just swell too. In this case, follow step 1 from above and then these three steps below:

  1. Be sure to e-mail your tribe first. Let your closest followers know first. This is the perfect time to send an email and and a direct link to them to thank them for all of their support and interest in your work.
  2. Get creative on social media. From 15 second Instagram videos, to meme-like pictures on Twitter, virtual launches are all the more fun with audio-visual marketing materials. Let your creativity run wild here leading up to the big day, and even up to a few days following your launch. It’s time to invest in a designer’s support, especially if you’re not spending on an in-person campaign.
  3. Combine it with a special bonus. If your launch is in virtual format only, this is a great time to pair your launch announcement with something of a special download, giveaway or bonus for your loyal followers. Remember, building momentum and buzz is the key.

Happy launching partner! Do let us know how yours goes.

If you’d rather team up than do it alone, ask us about our Momentum Mastermind and Branding School programs.

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