3 Key Lessons You’ll Learn from Launching

The Collaboration Kit

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It’s day 4 of a 10 day challenge. A challenge for what you’re wondering? To launch a brand new, small product from scratch within 10 days. Yup, it’s ‘terrexciting’ (terrifying and exciting all in one), and that’s why we’re up for the challenge: to stretch ourselves beyond our own comfort zones and get one of our dozens of valuable processes out for others to benefit from. 

After all, the most common question we get asked is, ‘how do you do it? how do you work together so well?’

Well, our small product beholds the answers. But first …

This 10-day challenge is being run for the second time this year, by Gumroad, a service provider that we use to sell our digital products and downloads. Their challenge is called The Small Product Lab and you can find out more about it at https://gumroad.com/smallproductlab.

If you too are up for the challenge of getting that small but mighty eBook of yours out, a helpful PDF worksheet that you’ve had in your mind forever, or an audio lesson you know will make a difference, join their waitlist for the next Small Product Lab starting on December 7th lab. Best of all: it’s FREE, it comes with a private Facebook Group of another 100 or so people from everywhere around the world to connect with, and the whole challenge guides you step-by-step in 10 daily instructional emails until launch day.

BAM! Now, onto the main reason for this blog post: lessons to learn and what we’ll be launching next.

3 Key Lessons from Launching

We have learned a lot and been humbled by the process already, and it’s only day 4 of 10. What’s so fun about this challenge for us, is being reminded what it feels like to launch: the nerves, the anticipation, the self-doubt, the excitement. Even the reminder of lessons we’ve learned and forgotten along the way.

One important lesson is this: done is better than perfect.

Facebook has this mantra plastered all over its offices, and when it comes to getting something done and out, it couldn’t be more true. If we all think about it, how many more ideas do we have than products we launch or actions we take? The ratio is probably like 1000 to 1. This is no different for us, who have more ideas and products in us than two people could launch in a lifetime. For that reason, we turned to the Small Product Lab to support our own momentum-building.

Which leads into the second most important lesson: partnership breeds productivity.

We are certainly a consultancy that launches and delivers reliably. And still, we are more productive and effective when we do so in partnership rather than alone. While partnership with other community members from around the world is part of the accountability structure of the Small Product Lab, it’s also what inspired us to share our own formula for collaboration as our next product.

What we’re launching: The Collaboration Kit. It’s a 6-step process to help you get more done, more enjoyably, with others. Why do it alone, when you can work more effectively with others?

The product will sell at $97 at regular price; HOWEVER, the first 15 people who purchase it will benefit from a kick-ass discount and receive the Kit for only $5. The promotional code is firstfifteen for all the keeners who are ready to buy today! The product is officially available at 12pm EST on Thursday, October 8th. One week away!!! Click here to pre-purchase the product for this limited quantity $5 gift.

The Collaboration Kit

The third, and last lesson, keep it small and simple.

We’ve made some exciting adjustments today, and have modified what product we will launch in less than one week. Originally, we wanted to attempt what would be much more like a BPL (big product launch) lol. That’s what we’re used to doing, which is why we’re now constraining ourselves into this 10 day adventure for a smaller but equally impactful product.

We’re learning what it looks like, feels like, and can be like already 4-days in, to think in small product doses instead of big launches. All this to say that we are taking one of the 5 pillars of our bigger product plan for The Momentum-Building Matrix (to launch in 2016 now after baby is born), and launching the collaboration pillar (pillar 4 of 5) as an independent product first. Just like that: small, simple and equally impactful. Best of all, it will be ready for YOU next week!

Here’s hoping that you too can be inspired by our lessons, will consider a small product launch of your own after this, or even be among the 15 lucky ducks who will get access to this proven process for only $5.

Collaborate for your freedom today, and grab our Collaborative Kit before anyone else.

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  1. Great advice! I get lost in the details easily. I find just planning breaks and moving away from a project (even for a 10 minute dog walk) helps me come back to my desk with my priorities in place.

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