How one Artist gained a Strategy for Success, Influential Connections, and Publicity, from Picking Our Brain.

Sarah Phelps is an established abstract artist. She has been selling her work far and wide for the last decade with prices ranging from hundreds to several thousand dollars. Her work has been exhibited and sold in galleries, and fans of her work rave about her pieces. Heck, just look at the vibrant colours and textures in her paintings and you’ll see why they do.

At the end of 2015, Sarah was ready to level-up her business, expand her audience and increase her sales for 2016.

Being a creative person, she had many ideas but didn’t know which one(s) would help to level-up her business. She believed that she would sell more art if she gained greater exposure and built more influential relationships. That’s when she was introduced to Wedge15 by a fellow entrepreneur, her cousin, who is someone that we had met at a recent leadership workshop.

Sarah Phelps ArtistSarah came to Wedge15 and said:
“I want your advice and guidance, and connections if you have any for me. I need a step-by-step action plan and how to execute.”

Lucky for Sarah we had just the right package for her. And, we had achieved results with dozens of other creative entrepreneurs like her before.

The Outcome:

Within 30 days of investing in a our 90-min Pick Our Brain session, in our Collaboration Kit and in our best-selling BYOB Book, Sarah got the following results:

  • an easy to action, step-by-step strategy for the next 12 months, including:
    • a detailed action plan on how to publish and sell her own artist notebook through online distributors and direct sales;
    • an introduction to a worldwide fine art buyers website to sell her art on;
    • where to focus her energy for new business on LinkedIn; and,
    • what to focus her content marketing on for customer engagement.
  • introductions to a number of influential connections, including;
    • an impactful art curator connected to major art events across the city;
    • a national NPO program developer bridging the arts and business sector;
    • a popular interior designer to stage her work to wealthy clientele; and,
    • the managing director for a national arts fundraiser.
  • representation by a publicist, Jacklyn Denise Communications, including;
    • a partnership to pitch her art and stories to national media editors; and,
    • a hanging of her art in the JDC Editorial showroom and press previews.

Above all, Sarah now has increased confidence, clarity of focus, and prioritized actions to level-up her business in 2016. Stay tuned for updates.

“Your coaching, Collaboration Kit, and book have given me a new, fresh, and invigorating perspective on my business.

Your expertise are invaluable and you gave me great insight, tools, and guidance to take my business to the next level and achieve my ultimate career goals.

I am now refuelled and energized, and so very grateful I stumbled upon Wedge15!” Sarah Phelps

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