How This Not For Profit Made $10K+ By Building An Online Training Program

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We began working with Business for the Arts (BftA) in the spring of 2013. We worked with the powerhouse team at BftA on four separate momentum-building projects since then. A couple of marketing strategies, team training and then this one. The most exciting project of all was a collaboration to launch BftA’s diverse eLearning course across Canada. It was a success!

But first, a bit about BftA for context …

Business for the Arts (BftA) is Canada’s national organization of business members who support the arts. The organization’s dynamic team of one dozen, connect, educate, and invest to bridge the gap between business and the arts. Since 2002, they’ve helped over 600 arts and cultural organizations partner with more than 2000 businesses across the country, creating an influx of over $14 million into the cultural economy. So they’re a pretty amazing bunch of changemakers as you can see. Artists and business professionals, you must check them out … but we digress.

Thanks to a couple of years of impactful collaboration together, we successfully launched its The Art of Sponsorship, 6-module comprehensive eLearning course in 2015.

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How did we build momentum?
What did it take? &,
What were the launch results?

Here’s the long and short of it …

BftA was facing a few challenges in launching their eLearning campaign that needed some creative solutions.
Their launch needed a strategy. It needed marketing savvy. It needed sales help. And, it needed affiliates for wider reach.
That’s when its team called Wedge15.

The BftA team needed us to help them with a few hurdles and to consider the following in our momentum-building plan:

Key Considerations:

  • they had never launched an eLearning course before
  • it’s not common in the arts and culture sector to charge money for training courses
  • many arts and culture groups expect free training
  • they didn’t know how to price their modules
  • they didn’t know how to market an online learning course
  • they weren’t familiar with the online software and technology required
  • they would only have the first few modules ready in time for launch
  • their team had never done sales
  • they had limited time available for implementation
  • they had 90 days from start to finish to launch successfully  
  • their goal was to generate $15,000 in their first year of launch

Wedge15 had already launched our own successful eLearning program in 2014, and were the right team to help BfTA overcome its launch hurdles. We also spent 4 years deconstructing the most profitable and popular platforms for online learning. Wedge15 invested thousands of dollars in online training to bout. Through research, interviews and real world application, we have gained deep insight into building, marketing, and selling online learning programs and courses.

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In 100 days, BftA achieved these results:

  1. a clear step by step guide on how to launch and market an eLearning course
  2. a diverse source of revenue for their organization
  3. an unparalleled way to engage and partner with affiliates
  4. sales training and experience selling in an NPO team
  5. integrated new digital project management tools like Slack, Trello into its team’s operations
  6. training and experience managing a membership based platform and website
  7. the first Canadian arts organization to launch an eLearning course in the art of sponsorship
  8. an expanded revenue model beyond funding and grants
  9. it empowered dozens of Canadian arts organizations with sponsorship training
  10. an opportunity to expand into the US market in future launches

$10,000+ in online sales for their first launch

Strategy highlights:
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Above all, the BfTA team now has the confidence, the clarity, and the tactics to continue marketing and selling their course for years to come. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving to the sustainability of BftA and to the arts organizations who profit from the sponsorship training they receive. We love a win-win. We love our clients.

“Working with Wedge15 was a fantastic experience. Their expertise provided us with a concrete development, training and execution plan.

Taking into account our resources they developed a package that was realistic for our organization to deliver and allowed us to use tools we already had. With Wedge15’s assistance, we have been able to increase the profile of our program.

I highly recommend Wedge15!” Alicia Rose | Program Director at BftA

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