The Old Sales Model v/s New Sales Model

As we move forward in the world, we update out clothes, cars and lifestyle. It often pays to update our thinking about HOW we do things and it’s relevance.
The same is true when it comes to sales, I think it’s time to refresh dated mantras on how we engage with our customers, prospects and leads.
Enter Social Media & The New Sales Model.
Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are no longer tools for kids. They have been proven to have real power to connect, engage and educate your customers. Think about it, when was the last time you wanted to buy something new and DID NOT Google the product or service before you went into the store or on their website?
Social media is the landscape / platform where your start engaging and educating your future customers.
People who get that are winning.
How do you use Social Media & The New Sales Model in your business?
Leave a message to let me know. ~RM

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