It’s Time To Transform Your Life at Work

Gloria Roheim McRae is redefining what it means to Be Your Own Boss, with her best-selling book for new graduates, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Her secret: think like a boss and leverage the social web.

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“The book provides an excellent balance between encouragement and practical how-to. I hope that many, many Millennials will read this book and follow Gloria’s suggestions. If enough people read this book it will have an impact on youth unemployment.

– Peter Tolnai, Owner at Orchard Capital


The world of work has changed. Technology, open access to information and social media relationships are challenging companies, organizations and the way we work. So how do you succeed? Think like a boss and leverage the social web to build your career.

Gloria has combined over one decade of her professional experience, academic study, world travels, and practical know- how in her best-selling book BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss. She offers a variety of learning opportunities through her online video resources, tailored services and workshops.


1: Being Your Own Boss Today
2: Discover Your Life’s Message
3: Goal Setting & Dream Mapping
4: Personal Branding Like a Boss
5: Package and Position It
6: Building Your Business
7: Selling Like a Boss


A Must Read

I really think that your book isn’t just for the self-employed, it’s for everyone. We all have to be our own bosses, even if we work for someone else. I think if people have the confidence of a boss, they can negotiate their way through any career or other situation more effectively.

– Rachel Kellogg,
 Post-Grad Student

A Blessing

I appreciate the tremendous work that Gloria has put into developing herself and her business and for her to share her lessons, mistakes, and some incredible practical resources in this book is a real blessing.

– Anf Chansamooth,

A Catalyst

I particularly like that The Guide doesn’t tell you there is something wrong with you if you aren’t yet working for yourself; rather, it acknowledges that while the ability and desire to “BYOB” exists in many people, the perspectives and habits necessary to make it possible aren’t generally taught or reinforced. BYOB teaches them.

– Drew Dudley,
 TedX Speaker

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Heard About Our Holiday Bundle + Sale?

Get our coaching, our kit and our book today.
Your next big goal awaits you.