Get more done,
and have more fun
with your projects.

Stop doing things alone.

Today. Right now.
You could end your exhausting solo hustle.

It all starts by acknowledging that you can go fast alone but further together.

That African proverb holds the key to our shift in perspective.

Dare to picture your dream team;
Choose to TRUST those people;
And, when you give up some control …
You’ll make a bigger impact, together.

Collaboration Kit is the roadmap to guide you there.
In six steps and six strategic activities.

Collaborate with the right people.
And Use Our Kit to Identify Them.

Choose Your Goal

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Follow the 6 steps

Here’s What Our Collaborators say:

Tanya Geisler

Step Into Your Starring Role - Owner & Coach


Considering a Collaboration? Don’t go it alone (heh, heh, get it?) Gloria + Ricardo McRae of Wedge15 have a seriously fantastic resource on creating meaningful and successful collaborations. And they would know how it’s done. TRUST me.

Ryan Gamble

thinCanvas Communications - Owner


I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Wedge15 and would highly recommend exploring their insight into best practices on collaboration. Fun was had and above all the teamwork and collaboration sprints were smooth and frictionless.

Trishala Pillai

TedXUW 2015 - The Power of Collaboration Co-Chair


I had the honour of working with Gloria + Ricardo over the past year and enjoyed every bit of it; their wit, charm, humble demeanour, sincerity and passion. All this led to initiating a Collaboration Kit as part of Wedge15 ... and to an incredible TEDx talk on it.

Use the 6 Steps in this Kit to Finish:

  • that book you want to write
  • that project you want to take to new heights
  • a short film
  • a workshop
  • live events
  • a digital product launch
  • a side hustle you’re passionate about
  • a full time business
  • a blog; or,
  • an art exhibit you dream of

Why Teamwork Has Failed Before

You wish that you had a team that you could trust right?
You want to work with others who love to do the things that you don’t like.
And you imagine how much fun it could be to have partners that you can depend on.

Then your reality kicks in again.

You think about all the projects that didn’t work out.
You think about all the people who you trusted and then let you down.
You think about the missed deadlines;
The eleventh hour hurdles, and the awkward explaining you had to do.

You think about how badly you wanted to make something happen,
and all those near paralysing fears that showed up to stop you in your tracks.

You wonder whether …

There are better systems to help you run your projects smoothly.
Maybe there is technology you could use to minimize team meetings and maximize your time.

And you’re sick of this cycle of questioning.
But you don’t know how else to fix things … until now.

The missing ingredient is a well-oiled, collaborative process…

Collaborate with like-minded people.
Be guided by a roadmap that will take you to the end.
Rest assured that your risk is low.
Collaboration Kit has been tried, tested and it works.

Your six step roadmap to working well with others, for under $100.

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Gloriao CropWhy Trust Us?

Because we are Collaboration Kit incarnate. We work together, share together and experiment together. We went ditched competition years ago and found both freedom and fulfillment through collaboration. Today, it’s an idea turned lifestyle and business strategy for us (Ricardo and Gloria Roheim McRae). And we joyfully share our methods and lesson with you.

We’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients worldwide. In addition to our strategic client work, we also collaborated with a remote team of creatives to publish our own best-selling book in Entrepreneurship and Self Esteem; a DIY e-Learning program called Branding School; this DIY digital toolkit to help you collaborate more effectively with others; and, recently delivered a TedX talk about Collaboration (watch it below). If that’s not enough, Gloria also writes for The Huffington Post and Ricardo created a popular digital platform to promote Black Excellence across Canada!!

Needless to say, we’ve learned some things the hard way too, and we can save you from doing the same. The two of us have been at this for over a decade; we’ve seen some epic disasters, and mighty triumphs in that time. That’s why, in creating Collaboration Kit, we’re dedicated to sharing the best of what we know with you. That includes the raw goods, not just what you want to hear. And we’re not into trends. We’re here to give you answers that will sustain the test of time. All this can be yours from the comfort of your own computer.

What You Can Expect

With the Collaboration Kit approach to teambuilding, you’ll identify the people that you can trust.

Your new team will include:
The right dose of dreaming,
The optimal amount of action-taking,
And timelines that allow you to breathe.

You’ll have fun, and you’ll overcome challenges together. You’ll learn things about yourself and others that inspire you; You’ll get back your time and be able to focus on your strengths, while the rest of your team takes care of the details that you hate.

Best of all, you’ll feel proud to make it to the finish line.

You’ll make an impact that reaches far and wide.
You’ll make bigger waves than you could have on your own.


Your six step roadmap to working well with others, for under $100.

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