Our Collaboration Kit

The Collaboration Kit is a 6-step process to help you get more done, and have more fun, while collaborating with others.

From colleagues to clients, from family members to friends, this kit will turn what is usually a competition into a confident and inspiring collaboration instead. Why keep doing things alone when we can work better, together?

We have spent the past 5 years defining and refining this process. It is the foundation for dozens of unique collaborations with clients, associates and friends. From launching a foreign film that went viral to an eLearning program for a national not-for-profit arts organization, this 6-step process proves that collaborating beats competing, every time.

Work together, share together and experiment together. That’s what we did when we went against popular convention and found both freedom and fulfillment in collaboration. Today, it’s an idea turned lifestyle and business. But could our collaborative freedom formula work for others? Can it be applied as much to a business as it can be to a personal relationship or a one off project? Yes it can.

In this digital kit, we reveal our 6 steps for finding freedom in collaboration, and will help YOU do the same.

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Momentum Strategy

Wedge15 has consulted with and worked in-depth with various entrepreneurs and organizations from Toronto to Florence. We’ve helped all of them translate their value to their customers and build momentum in their projects and businesses.

Whether you need help working through your brand messaging and a launch strategy, or with building your full-fledged digital strategy, we are here for you and we’ve done it hundreds of times before. From magnetic branding, to an engaging website, from marketing plans to social media campaigns, our experience and expertise spans the spectrum.

You’d be surprised what a 15 minute chat can uncover.



Whether it was a one-on-one virtual training session for a new start up, or in-depth management training for an industry association, we are well-known for our powerful training programs.

Having delivered dozens of customized training sessions on social web marketing, digital strategy, business building or process design for your projects, we tailor the content to suit the audience level and language. Above all else: our goal is to empower you with clarity and confidence to build momentum for your next projects.

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Branding School – Our Flagship Self-Study Program

What if you could elevate your profile, attract the customers you crave, and grow a tribe of supporters by simply being yourself? Now you can. After graduating our first successful cohort of students in 2014, Wedge15’s Branding School is launching to the general public in 2016.

This online program was designed to transform solo entrepreneurs into magnetic personal brands. It’s an intimate DIY learning program that runs over the span of three-months, covering three-modules in total, and one module per month. It covers the essential elements of branding, from defining who you are and who you serve, to understanding how to design a powerfully branded web presence and then effectively market your brand through online and offline channels. It’s all about creating magnetism and momentum.

Be sure to get on the waitlist for free downloads and to be alerted when registration and more information becomes available. Branding School is opening again soon.


Our Best-Selling Book

The world of work has changed. Technology, open access to information and social media relationships are challenging companies, organizations and the way we work. So how do you succeed? Think like a boss and leverage the social web to build your career.

Gloria has combined over one decade of her professional experience, academic study, world travels, and practical know-how in her best-selling book BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss.

*Exclusive Website special: get 3 hardcover copies signed by, me, the author and gift them to empower the next boss*

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