The Guidance You Crave,
To Build The Business You Deserve.

You often wonder …

“Is my website good enough?”
“What can I do on social media?”
“Maybe I need business training.”
“Or even a new business card?”

You’ve made it this far on your own. But it’s starting to frustrate you that you’re not where you thought you would be by now. You know you have what it takes. In fact, you’re amazing at what you do. There’s gotta be an easier way to get to the next level. Someone must have the answers, and you could really use some guidance right about now.

Consult an expert and stop your pain!

Here’s what happens after Picking Our Brain:

Choose Your Goal

Pick Our Brain

Take Action

Gleysi Hudiel

Image as Power - Owner


Thank you for a fun and productive session. Your brilliant work has been very valuable.
Now I know how to make the necessary changes to expand my business. I learned so many things I didn't know about social media, product packaging and sales. I can see how this will make a huge difference moving forward.

Suzanne Colmer

Your Shop Girl - Owner & Image Consultant


I think Gloria may be my business fairy godmother. In 1 short hour she managed to shift my paradigm on how I thought about myself as an entrepreneur and more importantly how I ran my business.
After applying her wisdom, just 48 hours after our first session, I had made more than I did the previous month. Seriously. I cannot recommend her enough.

What You Can Pick Our Brain About

  • pricing what you offer
  • improving your website
  • optimizing your social media
  • planning your marketing
  • enhancing your branding
  • refining your messaging
  • developing systems
  • launching something successfully
  • publishing a book
  • getting media coverage
  • strategizing on your next steps
  • saving you from wasted time
  • uncovering how we did it
  • focusing your efforts better
  • and building your momentum

If you’re at a crossroad, we’ve got a compass.

We’ve helped hundreds of others build momentum with their projects, and put strategy into their businesses. It’s kinda why we get up in the morning. We’re momentum strategists after all and we love helping you build momentum in the areas of your business that matter most to you.

Who Is Pick Our Brain For?

Transitioning Entrepreneurs

You’ve been working on your own side business and it’s starting to ramp up now … you need strategic support to help you plan your next steps.

Full Time Entrepreneurs

You’ve been making your full time living through the revenue generated in your business and you’re ready for your next level of growth.

Managers in Organizations

You’re the manager of a larger team.
You need support with digital solutions and training to make your life easier.


A 90-minute POB session is an investment of $850.
*Ask About Our 2016 Discount for Existing Clients & Subscribers*


Why Pick Our Brains?

Because we’ve got the expertise to share with you. We gained it in the real world of business serving hundreds of clients worldwide. In addition to our strategic client work, we also have our own best-selling book in Entrepreneurship and Self Esteem; a DIY e-Learning program called Branding School; a DIY digital toolkit to help you collaborate more effectively with others; and, are paid to speak at international conferences. If that’s not enough, Gloria also writes for The Huffington Post and Ricardo created a popular digital platform to promote Black Excellence across Canada!!

Needless to say, we’ve learned some things the hard way too, and we can save you from doing the same. The two of us have been at this for over a decade; we’ve seen some epic disasters, and mighty triumphs in that time. That’s why, in this virtual consulting session, we’re dedicated to sharing the best of what we know with you. That includes the raw goods and the strategic advice, not just what you want to hear. We tailor each of our sessions to fit YOU, specific to your situation, your goals, your personality and your business. And we’re not into trends. We’re here to give you answers that will sustain the test of time. All this can be yours from the comfort of your own computer.

What You Can Expect

YOU will need to do some prep work by way of an electronic intake form, beforehand.
YOU will have our undivided attention during your session.
WE do not answer emails, calls, chat messages, or even the door during our session together.

Consultations last roughly 90 minutes. Maybe a little more or a little less, but you can expect:

Intake Process

Your intake form and payment are completed

Schedule Session

We scheduled your session on Wed or Fri

Skype Call

One of us on Skype for 90 min.

Next Steps

All answers and recommendations in writing

MP3 Audio

An audio recording of our entire session


A 90-minute POB session is an investment of $850.
*Ask About Our 2016 Discount for Existing Clients & Subscribers*


Here’s what happens after Picking Our Brain:

Sherien Barsoum

Taza Media – Filmmaker, Producer, Director


If you want the raw goods on advancing your small business Wedge15 will deliver. They’re smart, cutting edge and passionate about the power of social media. They listen and tailor solutions to best meet your business needs.

Christien Levien

Legal Swipe - Creator


Ricardo is a guru. I was having issues deciding how to best allocate my resources. With Ricardo's help I was able to build a concrete plan and design a strategy that allowed me to achieve optimum results.

Alicia Rose

Business for the Arts – Program Manager


Working with Wedge15 was a fantastic experience. Their expertise provided us with a concrete development, training and execution plan. Taking into account our resources they developed a package that was realistic for our organization to deliver and allowed us to use tools we already had. With Wedge15’s assistance we have been able to increase the profile of our program. I highly recommend Wedge15!

Amy Evans

Journey to Excellence – Character Educator


My work with Gloria and Ricardo was pivotal in allowing me to get clarity on my business plan and to move forward with the creation of my website. This session exceeded my expectations of what a business planning session could be. The talents of these two highly skilled and insightful individuals made this experience not only memorable but life transforming for me both personally and professionally.

Here’s What’s Next:

  1. You start by filling out our “POB” request form.
  2. Once we’ve received and reviewed your interest form responses, we’ll get in touch with you to let you know if your goals for picking our brain are a good match for what we can accomplish together with this framework.
  3. We send you a payment request online, along with our full intake question and answer form. It will be a Google Docs link that we’ll be referencing live in our future session.
  4. Once your payment and in-take form are received, we review all of your questions and set up your 90 minute session on Skype. We answer your previously submitted questions, we ask you new ones, and you ask some more of us. The result is lightning-fast, insightful analysis that you can implement easily and immediately.
  5. You receive an MP3 recording of the call so you can listen to everything we talked about, follow the strategy we set out and take your next steps, any time.

    ** BONUS: If you want to take advantage of a few more minutes of brain pickings, we can schedule a 30 minute follow-up and debrief chat on Skype, within 30 days of our initial session together. Consider this your accountability and check-in opportunity, to make sure you’re getting results and covered all your bases!



A 90-minute POB session is an investment of $850.
*Ask About Our 2016 Discount for Existing Clients & Subscribers*