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Haute Caribe Documentary

Haute Caribe: The World of Trinidad and Tobago Fashion, is a 12 minute documentary about Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion industry. This is the Caribbean like you’ve never seen it before.

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For the centenary Marshall McLuhan birth, The University of Toronto‚Äôs McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology launched a collaboration to brand McLuhan as Toronto’s own. WEDGE15 was there to help.

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Cup of Local Sugar

Cup of Local Sugar connects travellers with knowledgeable local people in destinations around the world. Its Locals invite Travellers to share in various Experiences that they have designed from meeting up for coffee, to joining them for a hike, to sharing a meal in their home.

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The Clean15 is a leader in open innovation and clean technology proliferation. It connects sophisticated large Global 1000 company clients, small and mid-sized companies, joint ventures and licensing opportunities to clean tech providers and companies.

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Deborah Coyne

Currently running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada Deborah Coyne is committed to building a better Canada. Her skills and hard work have placed her inside the great public debates of our times.

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Melissa Thrives

Melissa “Thrives” Vassallo is an advocate and speaker, with a commitment to improving healthcare and accessibility in Canada. She has dedicated her life to helping people “thrive” not just “survive” life.

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