You can !

Let’s Make 2016
The Year That You Do!

Let’s face it. Many of us find the holiday’s to be a stressful time of year.
Maybe it’s because we feel that time has flown by too fast.
Perhaps we didn’t meet all of the goals that we wanted to.
Or, we could be feeling anxious about the state of our bank accounts.

But we believe that there’s another way to relate to this season.
With gratitude, with inspiration and with vision.

Gratitude for everything that you DID achieve until today, against all the odds.
Inspiration for what’s to come next.
And vision for the life, business and impact that you’re building.

We know what it takes to pursue your dreams.
That’s why we feel inspired to offer something special just for you.

We’re offering our first ever bundle and holiday sale to 10 ambitious people.

What Makes This Offer So Special …


Private coaching session

Customized Steps

Recommendations just for you

A Roadmap

Written answers to your questions

Only 10

Spots available

50% OFF

Save $600 through Dec. 24th

Reach Your Goal

with our coaching + products

Get our coaching, our kit and our book today.
Your next big goal awaits you.

Regular price is $1104 NOW $500
*Until Dec. 24, 2015 or while limited quantities last

What’s inside the Bundle?

Pick Our Brain

A 90-Minute, one-on-one coaching session and tailored recommendations.
Regular price: $850 + HST


A hardcover copy of the unapologetic guide to being your own boss.
Regular price: $30 + HST + shipping

Collaboration Kit

Our six step process, activities and roadmap to work effectively with others.
Regular price: $97 + HST

What Folks Say About
Picking Our Brain

“If you want the raw goods on advancing your small business Wedge15 will deliver. They’re smart, cutting edge and passionate about the power of social media. Wedge15 will listen and tailor their recommendations to best meet your needs.”

Sherien Barsoum
Filmmaker, Producer, Director

“Ricardo is a consulting guru. I came to him when my startup was in it’s infancy with a list of objectives but was having issues deciding how to best allocate my resources. With Ricardo’s help I was able to build a concrete plan and design a strategy that allowed me to achieve optimum results. I wholeheartedly recommend him and the team over at Wedge15.”

Christien Levien
Legal Swipe App – Creator

“Working with Wedge15 was a fantastic experience. Their expertise provided us with a concrete development, training and execution plan. Taking into account our resources they developed a package that was realistic for our organization to deliver and allowed us to use tools we already had. With Wedge15’s assistance we have been able to increase the profile of our program. I highly recommend Wedge15!”

Alicia Rose
Business for the Arts – Program Manager

What Folks Say About
Our Book + Kit

“Considering a Collaboration? Don’t go it alone (heh, heh, get it?) Gloria + Ricardo McRae of Wedge15 have a seriously fantastic resource on creating meaningful and successful collaborations. And they would know how it’s done. TRUST me.”

Tanya Geisler
Step Into Your Starring Role – Coach

“The book provides an excellent balance between encouragement and practical how-to. I hope that many, many Millennials will read this book and follow the suggestions. If enough people do, it will have an impact on youth unemployment.”

Peter Tolnai
Orchard Capital – Founder + Owner

“I really think that your book isn’t just for the self-employed, it’s for everyone. We all have to be our own bosses, even if we work for someone else. I think if people have the confidence of a boss, they can negotiate their way through any career or other situation more effectively.”

Rachel Kellogg
Community Manager + Post-Grad Student

Get our coaching, our kit and our book today.
Your next big goal awaits you.

Regular price is $1104 NOW $500
*Until Dec. 24, 2015 or while limited quantities last

Here’s What Happens Next

  1. Click on the Buy Now button above and grab one of the 10 available bundles
  2. You will receive immediate access through an email link from Gumroad, to download the PDF’s for Collaboration Kit. If you’re really keen, you can dive into it right away 🙂
  3. Our team will also receive an alert about your purchase and mail you your signed hardcover copy of BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss. You should receive your book within 2 weeks of your purchase.
  4. Within 2-3 business days of purchasing your bundle, our team will also reach out to you by email to book your Pick Our Brain session for our next available coaching slot. All sessions are done via Skype and an MP3 audio recording of the session is provided to you after it’s complete.
  5. You will also receive an emailed link to fill out our intake form. It will be a Google Docs link that we’ll be referencing live in our future coaching together.
  6. Please keep in mind that scheduling for Pick Our Brain sessions is done on a first come, first serve basis. There are only 3 spots available before we close down for 2015, and the other 7 spots will be scheduled, starting the week of January 4th, 2016.


Why Pick Our Brains?

Because we’ve got the expertise to share with you. We gained it in the real world of business serving hundreds of clients worldwide. In addition to our strategic client work, we also have our own best-selling book in Entrepreneurship and Self Esteem; a DIY e-Learning program called Branding School; a DIY digital toolkit to help you collaborate more effectively with others; and, recently delivered a TedX talk about fear, freedom and collaboration. If that’s not enough, Gloria also writes for The Huffington Post and Ricardo created a popular digital platform to promote Black Excellence across Canada!!

Needless to say, we’ve learned some things the hard way too, and we can save you from doing the same. The two of us have been at this for over a decade; we’ve seen some epic disasters, and mighty triumphs in that time. That’s why, in this virtual consulting session, we’re dedicated to sharing the best of what we know with you. That includes the raw goods and the strategic advice, not just what you want to hear. We tailor each of our sessions to fit YOU, specific to your situation, your goals, your personality and your business. And we’re not into trends. We’re here to give you answers that will sustain the test of time. All this can be yours from the comfort of your own computer.

Get our coaching, our kit and our book today.
Your next big goal awaits you.

Regular price is $1104 NOW $500
*Until Dec. 24, 2015 or while limited quantities last