“It Just Feels Like The Right Thing To Do.”

The Framing Podcast is the place where we bring creativity to life.
We’re talking to, the best of the creative class from around the world and bringing you incredible insights from artist and tastemakers to entrepreneurs and athletes. My guests share their honest stories, their best advice, and how they bring their creativity to life.
In fact, we even find creativity in unexpected places.. like the cubicle. Stay tuned …

You might be wondering why I’m so passionate about exposing you to these creative conversations. Well, It’s because as a trained fine artist, a TEDx speaker, a father, a husband and a seasoned entrepreneur myself, I’ve seen how often my creativity has been underestimated. Yet, time and again, it’s my creativity that is responsible for my biggest wins, and most memorable experiences.

And why is it called The Framing Podcast? Well, this concept hit home with me about 2 decades ago when my mentor told me that “the framing around a piece of art is the most important thing” It was the late Geoffrey Holder. He explained that a dance on the side of the street gets dollars, and dance at Carnegie hall makes millions.
The value is created by framing.

I want to inspire you to bring your creativity to life. From a canvas to your cubicle.
The world needs you to tap into your creativity, and THIS is where you will learn how.

You can listen to new episodes every Monday and you can subscribe to us on iTunes or your favourite podcast platform.
Learn more about us at TheFramingPodcast.com and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside.
Thank you for being here, Welcome.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why I created The Framing Podcast?
  • What you can expect from the show.
  • What you will learn every week as we explore how entrepreneurs and artist bring creativity to life?

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