E 005: Mark Campbell

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Some questions I asked:

  • What does it mean to archive
  • How do you decice what to archive
  • How is value Created
  • How much of hip-hop is anti or counter something.
  • When money meets the music, does the music change?
  • CHRY’s roll in Canadian hiphop
  • How do you maintain integrity in the face of money?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • About remix culture and DJ’s
  • How people on the margins of society use hip-hip to communicate
  • Making history accessible
  • What is Hip-Hop still here and why does it matter to young people
  • Why Hip-Hop is a Battle and it’s quality control
  • How Chance the Rapper changed the game
  • What you don’t have to make money to be relevant
  • Effective Guerrilla Marketing
  • Why 2Pac was an average MC
“People Don’t Realize That 2-Pac Was An Average MC”

Recognizing the potential for hip hop to transcend intergenerational barriers, Dr. Mark Campbell, Professor at Ryerson University, and his team, created the Northside Hip Hop Archive (NSHH) and a series of accompanying archival exhibits to re-engage students at all grade levels and preserve an integral piece of Canadian history. The NSHH is intended to be a tool to produce engaging, new curriculum content for school boards across Canada.

Since the archive launched in 2010, there have been multiple archival exhibits held to raise public awareness e.g the T-Dot Pioneers Exhibition in Toronto, CBC and NSHH partnered to launch “The Hip Hop Summit,” a week-long celebration of Canadian hip hop, NSHH Archive in association with the Royal Ontario Museum, Ryerson University and The Masterplan Show at CIUT 89.5fm launched its first ever Archive Fellows honouring the lifetime achievements of Toronto’s DJ Ron Nelson from CKLN’s Fantastic Voyage Show (1983-1990) and the visual art of Hamilton’s Leon ‘Eklipz’ Robinson.

In 2016, the NSHH started the “I Was There” project, a community activation project honouring the work of various hip hop culture pioneers in four cities across Canada which started in 2016 and is continuing into 2017.  “The I Was There project is about acknowledging the Architects of hip hop communities in several Canadian cities as well as about creating public awareness and appreciation about hip hop’s legacy in our country,”

The “I Was There” project celebrates the accomplishments of little known hip hop legends in Canada, adding personalized archival collections and narration to the existing archival content on www.nshharchive.ca. This year’s exhibits will be held in Montreal, Saskatoon, Hamilton and Toronto.

Participants have included legendary Canadian names in hip hop such as: Dalton Higgins, Citizen Kane, Ghetto Concept, Michie Mee, Kardi, K’naan, Dream Warriers, Saukrates, Shad, DJ Ron Nelson, Leon’ Eklipz’ Robinson, DJ Kool Herc and more.

Show Resources:

Site: NSHHArchive.ca
Site: MarkVCampbell.ca
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/knowtorietywhyz/1st-set-sonic-intimacies (Sonic Intimacies)
Twitter: @TdotPioneers

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