E 006: Sathish Bala

‘I don’t need to solve the problem – I wanted to be the guy that figured out that there is a problem’

Sathish Bala is an entrepreneur, mentor, and Founder of DesiFEST. 
Basically A serial entrepreneur, that loves finding new problems to solve, developing deep relationships with partners and clients and challenging his fears. As a ‘digital’ native with a drive to understand human connection and behaviour Sathish blends uncommon worlds as he creates new realities with music and business.

A post shared by sathish bala (@sats.b) on

A post shared by sathish bala (@sats.b) on

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Some questions I asked:

  • How has your early childhood shaped who you are today
  • Was creativity valued in Singapore
  • How did you translate skills from being a DJ into business success
  • Do young people understand they are handing out flyers
  • What was your first job
  • What did you learn from your first job that you still use today

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What make Sathish tick
  • How he overcame shyness
  • The real reason he created DesiFEST
  • How DesiFEST was inspired by his experiences growing up.
  • What he wants out of life
  • What it was like being caned in school
  • What do I really believe right now?
  • How self-questioning completely changed his life
  • Why he started DJ-ing and playing Basketball
  • His dreams he had as a 5yr old of being in front of thousands
  • The core philosophy in all his businesses
  • What he’s really afraid of
  • How hard it is to work at McDonald’s

Show Resources:

Site: DesiFEST.ca
Instagram: @sats.b
Twitter: @satsb

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