E 010: Karlyn Percil

“Any Time You Suppress Your Voice, It’s A Violent Act Against Yourself”Karlyn Percil

This week on The Framing Podcast Karlyn Percil Success Coach & Elephant Story Teller join us to share her formula for success.

“I believe when women know who they really are, when they truly love themselves, they make better decisions and live a purpose-driven, passionate life they really love.”Karlyn Percil

I am passionate about women – As someone who have fought for her right to be beautiful, to achieve her goals and dreams in life, to break free of the glass ceiling I allowed life’s circumstances to place on me – I have done some incredible things – from launching my day planner, opening myself up to give & receive love, to hosting my own Talk Show – & the truth is I have only just began!  I am living my boldest, biggest dreams.

A post shared by Karlyn Percil (@karlynpercil) on

A post shared by Karlyn Percil (@karlynpercil) on

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Some questions I asked:

  • What is your first day as an entrepreneur like?
  • The inspiration behind her success planner?
  • How do you move forward if you want certainty?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Learning to climb with caution
  • How her parents influenced her life today
  • What Karlyn learned from her dad’s job as a farmer
  • About saying yes before you’re ready
  • Her daily routine for success
  • Being intentional with your time and life
  • How she applied her experiences and training from corporate to her business
  • What is the CEP model and life limits (Cultural, Experiential, Perception)
  • Pushing past your limits
  • The law of action

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